LRBarbaraCox-12                Dr. Barbara Cox

Intuitive Training • Business Advising

You have an idea of where you want to be, but you’re not sure how to get there. I can help you get there. You’re not looking to just talk to someone – you’re looking for guidance… for solutions… for change. You are a person with a mission, an influencer who gets stuff done.

What if you could tap into your own inner wisdom, hear that part of you that leads you to the life you want? Listening to your intuition is how your true potential emerges… it unleashes the power within you to live your most authentic dreams, achieve your highest goals, and live deeply in your fullest passion.

Barbara isn’t just a coach or an advisor – she’s a catalyst leading you to your inner wisdom, helping you understand your intuition, and teaching you tools to harness its power. Her work is a game-changer, helping you access your full potential to build the life of your dreams.

Click on the links below to read more about Barbara’s consulting and coaching services in these unique areas:

Intuitive Training & Mentoring Program

Intuitive Business Advising

Specialty Coaching for Professional Women

Green Business Consulting & Advising

If you’re ready to take your success to the next level… if you’re ready to become “unstuck” and move toward your authentic life… if you’re ready to leave your current struggles behind and empower yourself to live your dreams, let’s get started.