About Barbara

I started my career as a scientist, having studied at the uber-academic UCSD, with a B.A. BC headshot - croppedin Biology.  Before entering the world of business consulting and coaching, my first passion was as an environmental scientist, most notably organizing environmental projects for the Department of Defense (DOD).  During my time in this role, I coordinated permits, wrote environmental articles, coordinated with base media to spread the word on new environmental projects, and ran community focus groups.  I then branched out into working for environmental consulting firms.

I loved managing large-scale projects; however, I wanted to get involved in more ‘people’ work, so I went on to receive a doctorate in health psychology, with further training in hypnosis and peak performance coaching.

My inner-academic ventured forth to study more esoteric subjects after I had a close friend die around her 30th birthday.  This event propelled me to look at the larger meaning of life, beyond just left-brained science.  I secretly visited an intuitive reader to gain peace about my friend’s passing.  It was so interesting and insightful, I decided to complete an Intuitive certification program through an institute related to the Berkeley Psychic Institute. At the same time, I decided to become certified in Past Life Regression so I studied with Brian Weiss, MD. I’d always been an intuitive, it just wasn’t encouraged in my academic circles.  Because of my background, I really enjoy working with clients who consider themselves grounded, logical intellectuals, but who are open to explore and grow their intuitive side or want to use intuitive tools to complete important projects.

My coaching work has been featured in various media, including MSN.com and popular magazines.  I wouldn’t be doing this work if I didn’t believe it could help you.  I want to help you excel! To schedule a consultation, click here.