Green Business Consulting & Advising

Before entering the world of business consulting and coaching, Barbara’s first passion was as an environmental scientist, most notably organizing environmental projects for the Department of Defense (DOD).  During her time in this role, coordinated permits, wrote environmental articles, coordinated with base media to spread the word on new environmental projects, and ran community focus groups.

By combining these two areas of expertise, Barbara has developed consulting programs to benefit the environment along with the individual – as Barbara sees it, they go hand-in-hand.  One of her passions is eco-housing, especially blending sustainable energy-saving features with co-housing-like community building elements. Much of health psychology research points to the benefits of community and a healthy environment. A big way to improve lives, happiness, and productivity is to re-structure the way we build neighborhoods.

With her consulting support, Barbara helps Green business clients by:

  • Attending and coordinating networking events, seminars, etc. as needed to bring in potential clients.
  • Coordinating and overseeing projects.
  • Connecting with media to build public awareness of your project.
  • Coordinating community meetings to move your project forward.

Contact Barbara’s assistant, Christine, to  learn more about Barbara’s consulting and advising for your Green Business!