Intuitive Business Advising

Imagine not just knowing what you want, but knowing how to get there… How would that change your day?  Change your business? Change your life?

Barbara uses her skills as an entrepreneur, educator, change agent and adviser to help clients gain clarity, certainty and insight, empowering you to make effective decisions, and in turn have a positive and lasting effect on all you influence.

With Barbara’s consulting and coaching support, she helps you:

  • Move from confusion and stagnation to vision, clarity and freedom
  • Start working “top-down” by creating your big-picture filter
  • Set and achieve short-term and long-term work goals
  • Cultivate your own intuition to help guide your leadership
  • Silence the self-doubt to let you apply your fullest talents at work and at home
  • Learn to trust your “gut” to be the best leader you can be
  • Learn to work with synchronicity instead of struggle
  • Motivate and inspire your team members to reach target goals for company

Barbara is more than a consultant; she is a thought partner to her clients. Her clients have all seen success in the past, and come to her looking for deeper meaning and greater purpose in the work they do. Are you a successful leader who feels stagnant or like something is “missing”? Are you a forward thinker or innovator who needs help making your vision a reality? Then you might be ready to join this exclusive list of clients and develop your own intuitive business relationship with the Barbara!

Interested… What’s next?

If this sounds like it could be just the thing you need, you are invited to contact Barbara’s assistant, Christine, to schedule an initial consultation. Or, explore Barbara’s advising packages here. If after speaking, both you and Barbara determine that this has the potential for a productive partnership, you will move forward in an ongoing consulting relationship.